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Why I'm Running

Hannah Oliver for Sedro-Woolley School Board

I decided to run because I am passionate about education and as an educator, I possess a strong foundation to tackle the challenges of our education system. 

Our local schools are the heart of our community, and strong schools create strong futures. It is our schools that teach our youth how to work hard and think for themselves, and it is our school board that decides how that learning happens.


I have been proud to be a Biglake resident for the last several years, and I will be proud to represent District 3 and the entire Sedro-Woolley school district.


As an educator, I am prepared to stand up for our youth, educators, and community. During the pandemic, we all learned just how vital teachers are, and it's about time we had an educator on the school board making decisions about the future of our schools. I will stand up and support a student-centered district and a school system where the best educators and staff want to work.

We are fortunate to reside in a tight-knit community that values family and its significant impact on our education system. When communities engage with their schools, learning outcomes improve, graduates are encouraged to remain in the area, and the entire community prospers. 


When educators, families, and communities come together, we create an environment in which all students thrive. I am confident that I am the candidate best equipped to strengthen these connections and make Sedro-Woolley School District an even stronger institution of education for our children.

I decided to run because while I was working for Sedro-Woolley School District, it was clear that the district does amazing work and has some of the best staff and students out there. That being said, it was also clear that the district was not fully meeting all the needs of the students, staff or families; this is why I am running.


I am running for the school board because I, just like so many others in the area, want to see a change in our local schools. I am lucky enough to live in the area for most of my life, and I am ready to step up and support my community. 


I am excited and proud to be running to represent District-3 on the Sedro-Woolley School Board.


Together, we can improve our schools. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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