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Issues We Care About

All Hands In

Community Involvement

Our students should feel supported and connected to Skagit County. We want our students to stick around after graduation to continue to better the community around them. I will push for more community outreach, partnerships, and ways parents and families can get involved. 

Preventing Cuts

School districts are making cuts throughout the state this year, and Sedro-Woolley is no exception. Students are struggling, and when their favorite teachers, classes, and activities are being cut, our students suffer the consequences. Extracurricular activities such as sports, music, art, and clubs contribute to a well-rounded education that goes beyond academics, preparing students for success in various aspects of life.

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Mother and Son


Families deserve to know what’s going on in their child's school.  Sedro-Woolley School District is failing its community by excluding working and busy families from district decision-making by not making school board decisions and activities transparent. I am dedicated to implementing ways for working and busy families to participate in school district decision-making.

Student Success 

We need to be supporting students not only to succeed academically but to succeed in life. We need to make sure they feel supported in all ways, including ensuring their safety at school, providing courses and extracurricular activities that pique their interest, providing resources for food, shelter, and mental health services, and creating lifelong connections to their community.

Reading a Book

Voter Submitted Questions

What is a PCO?

PCO stands for Precinct Committee Officer. It's the smallest level of local elected office. This person represents your neighborhood at the precinct level and helps get voters excited to vote in elections. I am a precinct committee officer for the Big Lake precinct. 

I support teaching accurate facts about the world in all courses and content areas. I also support students being able to be themselves while at school. No local educator is educating students in a way to change who they fundamentally are. Learning about lots of different types of people is important, including people of various genders, religions, ethnicities, and so on. Our students will someday be adults and will need to know how to collaborate and work together with people who might be very different from them. 

What should we do about LGBTQ students/education?

What are some policies/resources that you support the district adding?

 There are many things our district can change to better the experiences of our students and families. (1) I support adding late buses to all of our schools. When students need to stay after school to get extra support from teachers, play sports, or be involved in a club, they should be able to whether their guardian is able to drive them home afterward or not. (2) Another policy I support is implementing remote ways working families can access and share their thoughts at school board meetings. It's hard enough for working families, and we should be making it easier not harder. (3) I also support increasing the hiring and support for paraeducators. Students need more support in the classroom.  There are many ways we can make our district stronger. 

One type of district policy that I strongly support are policies revolving around students rights and protections. I think it's important that when a student is at school, their rights remain intact, including freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, student privacy and more. 

What are some existing policies you support?

Which students aren't getting their needs met?

Many students aren't getting their needs met and I think the groups that make this the most obvious are the students who are on either extreme of the amount of support they need in the classroom for grade level work. Students who need extra support in the classroom don't get the time they need with paraeducators or their teachers because our classrooms are too big, and we do not have enough staff to support them. This also means that students who find grade level work easy get less support to go above and beyond and really show what they are capable of. 

Yes, I think all students should be able to play sports and  use the restroom that aligns with their gender identity. All students deserve a quality education and this includes having access to facilities and extracurriculars. 

Do you think trans students should be able to use the bathroom and/or play sports in school?

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